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I know everyone says that they want the agent that is going to sell the house the fastest, or r get the most money, but I think we had the best agents that are the champions of your property and pet sitter on super-short notice and the pest remover finder.
What I learned in 3 real estate deals in a year: nothing ever goes as planned, you can’t conquer the arena by yourself, and moving is painful.   These are not usually items you put in a recommendation, but please read on.
Nothing ever goes as planned. People want to hear it was all sunshine and roses.  We had low offers come in, odd terms that were out of left field, feedback that didn’t match our house, and the list could continue for as a long as I could write. One delightful feedback said our house didn’t have a dining room, which surprised my entire family.  But you get the idea. Our plan for this transaction was up-ended time and time again.
You can’t conquer the arena by yourself. Real estate is not for the faint of heart. It is work. One might also say it is a call to arms. These agents advertised the house on every medium I think exists. They promoted it at community events. They used it for training. I don’t know that there was a business strategy they didn’t take up to market our houses. It was literally a war room at my dining room table.
Moving is painful. The trauma and stress are just now fading. It’s been 6 months. Between a cancelled contract, movers cancelling a week before the move, a new contract being written within 8 hours, a dog dying on moving day, burying the family dog on the hottest day in June,  an air conditioner in the new place quitting, a kid breaking a glass shelf on moving night, a pet chicken dying, a booked family vacation happening only 5 days after moving, a grieving dog whose Houdini act, while impressive, was not helping,  scrambling to find a down payment cushion because of the now-out-of-schedule closings, financing hiccups, and  well, you see it wasn’t easy.  It hurt.  Each was a blow to your chest, knocking you back, making you lose your balance.
And that is when you needed agents like mine.   Agents that were texting folks at 5 a.m to figure stuff out.  Agents that found someone who does pest removal, and yes, that’s a thing you might have to do in 24 hours to answer a contract, and you still have a contractor, a kitchen floor to find, and mold to deal with.  Agents that were willing to let you move stuff into their place, in case things just didn’t work out with finding a replacement mover.  Agents that assured you that if you had to buy a house while your husband was out of town, they would get it done and your family would not be homeless.  Agents that were willing to help cut grass at one house because you couldn’t find anyone else.  Agents that were there to listen to your worries about the crazy feedback.   Agents who came to check on a grieving dog after the sale because they didn’t want your kids to come home from a vacation to another lost pet.
Those agents were Sharalyn and Charles.   They were there every step of the way.   They were our greatest assets.   And the Kennedy family would recommend them. Any day. Any time.

It wasn’t just one house.  It wasn’t just one deal.  It was our family.

Recommendation from Nell Kennedy for three Oconee County sales in one year

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