Buying a Home

Helping Home Buyers

Buying a home is one of the largest financial expenses most people will face in their life. You need the most experienced and caring team of real estate professionals to help with your purchase. The Land Beside the Water Group is more than just a tour guide. Our team knows the area. By answering a few brief questions, our team will know exactly which homes will most appeal to you and your family.


With the power of Land Beside the Water Group Technology, we will help you navigate the market at the speed of light. Staying up-to-date with the latest technology helps us connect buyers with their dream home faster than ever before.

Local Connections

Oconee is our home, and we know it well. Whether you are new to town or a long time resident, you’ll feel right at home talking with us. Finding lists before they hit the market or referring a contractor to our clients is easy when you know the right people.  


Successful real estate deals are made through networking, marketing, negotiating, and most of all customer service. No individual can navigate all those skills alone. This is why working as a team benefits our clients. Each team member has some contribution to our and our client’s overall success.

Making a house a home

A house becomes a home when it meets all your unique needs. It feels like a warm hug just walking through the door. You are proud of your home, and we are ecstatic when we make those dreams reality for our clients. Our goal is to WOW our clients with results. It is not wonder that most of our clients are repeat clients or referrals from happy clients.

To get started making your dreams come true, simply fill out our Buyer Questionnaire, find out more about our team, or simply contact us.